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Support and information

related to the herpes virus


We believe it is possible to experience healthy and fulfilling sexuality while living with the herpes virus. 


Info-Herpes, what is it?

Info-Herpès is a collaborative project of the Centre Associatif Polyvalent d'Aide Hépatite C and the Portail VIH/sida du Québec, which offers remote support, as well as various services for people living with the herpes simplex virus, or being likely to contract it. 


We wish to demonstrate that it is very possible  to have  a healthy and fulfilled sexuality all by living with the virus, among other things, by demystifying the elements surrounding it. 

For more information on our services, our opening days and on the virus, we invite you to consult our different tabs above.

You can reach us free of charge by phone at 1-844-847-4242 or email (Only available by email for now)


An overview of our testimonies

“It is not easy to receive this diagnosis. But I would really like us to start conveying a positive and realistic vision: It is entirely possible to live well with the herpes virus..."


"What I want to tell people living with herpes and to that young woman I was at the time, when I was first diagnosed: Be gentle with yourself! You don't deserve to hurt yourself like that, to judge yourself harshly and to blame yourself!"


"To those who have only recently been diagnosed, I would say take the time to digest the news.  Get informed.  And most importantly, to have at least one person you trust to talk to about it.   When I first found out, I was telling myself that my sex life was over.  But now I'm slowly but surely regaining hope."


When I found out I had herpes I was totally devastated. I thought that I would not be able to live my sexuality as freely as before, that everything would change and that I would become totally dependent of this virus. After getting information and taking some time to recover, my life started to remake sense and I became better and better.


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